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Application of Community-Engaged Research to Inform the Development and Implementation of a Peer-Delivered Mobile Health Intervention for Adults With Serious Mental Illness

J Particip Med 2019;11(1):e12380

4473 22 35
Participatory Methods to Engage Health Service Users in the Development of Electronic Health Resources: Systematic Review

J Particip Med 2019;11(1):e11474

4373 6 27
The Participatory Zeitgeist in Health Care: It is Time for a Science of Participation

J Particip Med 2020;12(1):e15101

3316 66 18
Information and Communication Technologies to Support Chronic Disease Self-Management: Preconditions for Enhancing the Partnership in Person-Centered Care

J Particip Med 2017;9(1):e14

40953 0 15
Patient and Family Involvement: A Discussion of Co-Led Redesign of Healthcare Services

J Particip Med 2018;10(1):e5

79616 20 14
Influence of Community and Culture in the Ethical Allocation of Scarce Medical Resources in a Pandemic Situation: Deliberative Democracy Study

J Particip Med 2020;12(1):e18272

5395 30 12
Involving Citizen-Patients in the Development of Telehealth Services: Qualitative Study of Experts’ and Citizen-Patients’ Perspectives

J Particip Med 2018;10(4):e10665

3585 24 11
Patients’ Participation in Health Research: A Classification of Cooperation Schemes

J Particip Med 2017;9(1):e16

13697 14 9
Identification and Reporting of Patient and Public Partner Authorship on Knowledge Syntheses: Rapid Review

J Particip Med 2021;13(2):e27141

1725 51 9
Interventions to Improve Movement and Functional Outcomes in Adult Stroke Rehabilitation: Review and Evidence Summary

J Particip Med 2018;10(1):e3

94720 13 8
The Impact of Visualization Format and Navigational Options on Laypeople’s Perception and Preference of Surgery Information Videos: Randomized Controlled Trial and Online Survey

J Particip Med 2018;10(4):e12338

1317 8 8
Relationship Between Health Literacy and Social Support and the Quality of Life in Patients With Cancer: Questionnaire Study

J Particip Med 2020;12(1):e17163

1735 2 8
Best Practices for Virtual Engagement of Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Teams During and After the COVID-19 Pandemic: Qualitative Study

J Particip Med 2021;13(1):e24966

1348 8 7
Use of Video Consultations for Patients With Hematological Diseases From a Patient Perspective: Qualitative Study

J Particip Med 2018;10(4):e11089

2134 2 7
Feasibility and Preliminary Effectiveness of a Peer-Developed and Virtually Delivered Community Mental Health Training Program (Emotional CPR): Pre-Post Study

J Particip Med 2021;13(1):e25867

3529 10 6
Codesigned Shared Decision-Making Diabetes Management Plan Tool for Adolescents With Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus and Their Parents: Prototype Development and Pilot Test

J Particip Med 2018;10(2):e8

16256 14 5
The Challenges of Including Patients With Aphasia in Qualitative Research for Health Service Redesign: Qualitative Interview Study

J Particip Med 2020;12(1):e12336

1461 4 5
Diabetes Prevention in Adolescents: Co-design Study Using Human-Centered Design Methodologies

J Particip Med 2021;13(1):e18245

2810 4 5
Perceived Need for Psychosocial Support After Aortic Dissection: Cross-Sectional Survey

J Particip Med 2020;12(3):e15447

840 1 4
Developing Graphic Messages for Vaping Prevention Among Black and Latino Adolescents: Participatory Research Approach

J Particip Med 2021;13(3):e29945

823 18 4
Non-Hispanic White Mothers’ Willingness to Share Personal Health Data With Researchers: Survey Results From an Opt-in Panel

J Particip Med 2020;12(2):e14062

999 8 4
Guiding Pay-As-You-Live Health Insurance Models Toward Responsible Innovation in Health

J Particip Med 2020;12(3):e19586

2090 2 4
Content-Sensitive Characterization of Peer Interactions of Highly Engaged Users in an Online Community for Smoking Cessation: Mixed-Methods Approach for Modeling User Engagement in Health Promotion Interventions

J Particip Med 2018;10(3):e9

1797 14 3
Health Care Consumer Shopping Behaviors and Sentiment: Qualitative Study

J Particip Med 2020;12(2):e13924

2419 12 3
Beyond Known Barriers—Assessing Physician Perspectives and Attitudes Toward Introducing Open Health Records in Germany: Qualitative Study

J Particip Med 2020;12(4):e19093

1038 9 3

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