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Patient and Family Involvement: A Discussion of Co-Led Redesign of Healthcare Services

J Participat Med 2018;10(1):e5

HTML PDF 12055 20 4
Interventions to Improve Movement and Functional Outcomes in Adult Stroke Rehabilitation: Review and Evidence Summary

J Participat Med 2018;10(1):e3

HTML PDF 9759 13 1
Influence of Community and Culture in the Ethical Allocation of Scarce Medical Resources in a Pandemic Situation: Deliberative Democracy Study

J Participat Med 2020;12(1):e18272

HTML PDF 4057 30 2
Patient Experiences in a Linguistically Diverse Safety Net Primary Care Setting: Qualitative Study

J Participat Med 2018;10(1):e4

HTML PDF 3827 8 1
Application of Community-Engaged Research to Inform the Development and Implementation of a Peer-Delivered Mobile Health Intervention for Adults With Serious Mental Illness

J Participat Med 2019;11(1):e12380

HTML PDF 3490 22 11
Participatory Methods to Engage Health Service Users in the Development of Electronic Health Resources: Systematic Review

J Participat Med 2019;11(1):e11474

HTML PDF 3004 6 3
Patient Perspective of Cognitive Symptoms in Major Depressive Disorder: Retrospective Database and Prospective Survey Analyses

J Participat Med 2019;11(2):e11167

HTML PDF 2917 0 0
Involving Citizen-Patients in the Development of Telehealth Services: Qualitative Study of Experts’ and Citizen-Patients’ Perspectives

J Participat Med 2018;10(4):e10665

HTML PDF 2689 24 2
Information and Communication Technologies to Support Chronic Disease Self-Management: Preconditions for Enhancing the Partnership in Person-Centered Care

J Participat Med 2017;9(1):e14

HTML PDF 2635 0 10
Meaningful Partnerships: Stages of Development of a Patient and Family Advisory Council at a Family Medicine Residency Clinic

J Participat Med 2019;11(1):e12105

HTML PDF 2559 4 1
Codesigned Shared Decision-Making Diabetes Management Plan Tool for Adolescents With Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus and Their Parents: Prototype Development and Pilot Test

J Participat Med 2018;10(2):e8

HTML PDF 2466 14 1
The Participatory Zeitgeist in Health Care: It is Time for a Science of Participation

J Participat Med 2020;12(1):e15101

HTML PDF 2378 62 1
Patient Perspectives on the Challenges and Responsibilities of Living With Chronic Inflammatory Diseases: Qualitative Study

J Participat Med 2018;10(4):e10815

HTML PDF 2302 41 2
Patients’ Participation in Health Research: A Classification of Cooperation Schemes

J Participat Med 2017;9(1):e16

HTML PDF 2254 6 4
A Decision Aid to Support Shared Decision Making About Mechanical Ventilation in Severe Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Patients (InformedTogether): Feasibility Study

J Participat Med 2018;10(2):e7

HTML PDF 2114 4 1
Utilizing Consumer Technology (Apple’s ResearchKit) for Medical Studies by Patients and Researchers: Proof of Concept of the Novel Platform REach

J Participat Med 2018;10(2):e6

HTML PDF 2104 9 0
Use of Video Consultations for Patients With Hematological Diseases From a Patient Perspective: Qualitative Study

J Participat Med 2018;10(4):e11089

HTML PDF 1899 2 1
Evolving Patient-Researcher Collaboration: An Illustrative Case Study of a Patient-Led Knowledge Translation Event

J Participat Med 2017;9(1):e13

HTML PDF 1884 31 3
Personalizing Value in Cancer Care: The Case for Incorporating Patient Preferences Into Routine Clinical Decision Making

J Participat Med 2019;11(3):e13800

HTML PDF 1694 5 0
Persons Living With Primary Immunodeficiency Act as Citizen Scientists and Launch Prospective Cohort Body Temperature Study

J Participat Med 2020;12(4):e22297

HTML PDF 1607 4 0
Experiencing Positive Health, as a Family, While Living With a Rare Complex Disease: Bringing Participatory Medicine Through Collaborative Decision Making Into the Real World

J Participat Med 2020;12(2):e17602

HTML PDF 1597 52 0
The “Preparation for Shared Decision-Making” Tool for Women With Advanced Breast Cancer: Qualitative Validation Study

J Participat Med 2019;11(4):e16511

HTML PDF 1511 8 0
Participant-Partners in Genetic Research: An Exome Study with Families of Children with Unexplained Medical Conditions

J Participat Med 2018;10(1):e2

HTML PDF 1511 2 1
Phase I of the Detecting and Evaluating Childhood Anxiety and Depression Effectively in Subspecialties (DECADES) Study: Development of an Integrated Mental Health Care Model for Pediatric Gastroenterology

J Participat Med 2018;10(3):e10655

HTML PDF 1418 6 0
Communication at Transitions: One Audacious Bite at a Time

J Participat Med 2017;9(1):e17

HTML PDF 1394 5 0

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